The Remebering

It is a special time in the collective humanity evolution. Our sight is being cleared and we are as a whole returning to our connection to the planet. We are becoming childlike as we transition to the new dimension. Our eyes are cleared of the imposing restrictions placed upon our forms with the restricting stories we given to accept. All is energy in many life forms and we discover that human lifeforms are just part of a collection of many energetic life consciousnesses which inhabit this planet with us and we are part of a larger energetic design. we are not alone. As children, newly incarnated souls we see and feel and hear all energetic life . they become our friends and cocreators until the point we are told to grow up and our friends are both imaginary and fantasy told in tales to entertain little children. We lose our connection and vision of the teeming life around us and we become alone once again, isolated from what exists around us. As children, we delight in the so-called fantasy of otherworldly beings, who in our hearts we know as real but to fit in the world we experience we are told to deny why we know to be true. at many different times in our earth experiences, we are once again becoming aware of the otherworldly energies and each time we acknowledge them more as existent. Now we, are at a junction where we are becoming aware and what we were told is fantasy is real. Our guardians, the devas, the fairies, the dragons the unicorns, the angels,etc all have traveled with us in our co-experience as they ask us now to step forth acknowledge them and co-create with them in the new dawn coming. Are you ready to acknowledge them and communicate and respect their existence?

Follow your heart in light and love



In a previous blog, I explored how the energy of your words and thoughts are the basis of The law of attraction. How many times have you heard- BE care of what you wish for- or What you think you create. The lessons have always been there but we do not bring them into awareness. i have not done this either in the past lol. What if you try an experiment for 30 days with me. Using the law of attraction or the thought-what ever you think or say you manifest. If you think on this simply how in your life your words or thoughts- which are energy manifesting has effected your life circumstances or health you will find examples the effect on your life and being. Now lets start simply and be consciously aware of what you say. and you will see results. Allow the good to happen in ways it is designed for you. Let us say-upon waking. you can start the day with two simple statements and end the day before you sleep with the same two statements. Then just release the words without condition and you will see results. For example. Before getting out of bed-say-Todays a good day, I AM safe and healthy–Use your own words. Also you can say Money(which is energy) comes to me in my hand, in the bank or in the mail. Release and trust these thoughts to the universe. I have done this and it works. You can do this once in morning and once before sleep. Give it a try for a month and watch for things to happen.

What you are doing is working with the energy of words and thoughts–Consciously. You been doing all thru you life unconsciouslly but now we bring to awareness. Keep it simple and allow the good to happen in ways best for you.

Thru life, i often told my daughters what you think you create. My favorite example if you keep saying or thinking you get a pimple on your nose before the prom-it going to show up lol Its all about changing your thinking. In this world of chaos and negativity where we are told nothing is safe.. What if you say those mantras- or what ever label you choose to associate with this daily ritual. What do you have to lose? you will feel safe and abundance flowing to you in unexpected ways.. Keep it simple and you will be seeding new thoughts to create positive in your life.

Make the choice to change your life–This is within your power to do so. Give it a try and you will see a difference, and this will empower you to create the life you desire in a safe and positive manner. Allaya

ALL Things Are Possible

I saw this the other day, and it reminded me that when we choose to clear our minds of all the outside densities that distract us, that within us is the ability to be empowered. Nothing is impossible to change when we fully realize that we manifest what we feel and see on both a physical and emotional level. This applies to your personal journey and collective involvement.. We need to choose between the mindset of I Am a victim of all that surrounds to I can choose Change. The collective world is presently undergoing the proverbial dark not of the soul. Where all the emotional trauma energy of Past and its lessons created through fear full emotions has enveloped us so greatly that we get lost in the fears, thus recreate these patterns. We as a collective will continue to recreate this fearful energy until we can stop. detach for even a moment and realize there is always choice. Sometime this short moment at times of recognizing you have a choice- opens the door to clarity and you can choose to change on a personal level. The light comes thru the darkness, the proverbial AHA moment. Then the energy of empowerment and healing begins. You become that spark of light in the darkness. That is true soul purpose and one that is largely overlooked. WE all go thru dark periods, but we learn and grow thru them. The phoenix symbolic of the rise from the ashes- the deconstruction of chaotic energy- to the rebirth into light of perfection and awareness. You are perfect as is, your souls creation. You do not need to be anything other than who you are or emulate the so called perfection of others/influencers. Then you open the door to the journey of all is possible and a healing of what ever is needed. You then recognize that all is possible as you are creating what you see and feel. Take responsibility and chose and create the changes you desire. Take that first step and the path of your soul will light up and you will do what right for you in this period of growth and transformation we are in. The leading by example you will spark the flames of others. Be the Change, Be the light. Nothing is impossible…Allaya


COMING OUT, is a interesting term of energy- a label referring to many meanings. I have always admired the strength of Souls who have stepped forth and said or expressed their whole light to the world. Personally i have belonged to a generation that choose to hide lol. The present world, we see the cycle of emerging acceptance of all kinds of different expressions of individuality. It is happening even though progress is slow and difficult times. The Me/WE TOO movements have open doors that more are accepting in awareness yet the down side to some extent, is that we tend as a collective to follow or become groupings, purely as a comfortzone. Why is it so scary just to accept all that you are? History and cultures have instilled learning patterns of do not go against cultures or societies as not accepted. I do feel thru the emerging awareness-we have tried on several labels or identities to express ourselves in this world. But in doing so you have limited your expressions of what you can be–unlimited potentials.

Forego old thought patterns of judgments and really see individuals as they journey to self express their light, Just as your doing your own unfolding. All is soul designed to grow AND BE CONSCIOUSLY AWARE. The process is unfolding as we begin to recognize this spiritual journey we are involved in as a collective.

Follow the words of John Lennons song–Imagine We can do this–Do not be afraid of expressing your hearts light- WE are ONE HEART. …allaya

John Lennon-“Imagine All the People-You May Say I'm A Dreamer”-Song Lyrics Wall Art-8 x 10" Art Print Ready to Frame. Mode...


I truly love this movie. It is both a trigger and a sign indicative of what we are cocreating with our open hearts and minds. It seems we need to get thru this last cycle of densities and drama. Thee challenges have alerted us to what we have either seeed in thru emotional energy and fears or simply thru the manifestations created by our thoughts and words. A earthschool. Have we graduated? Not yet, but getting there. Have faith and trust. It will happen because people of all genders, races, religions etc etc. are responding to their open hearts and innerwisdom. The realization that we can changes what we see around us- thru inner knowledge and wise use of energy( specifically from the heart). We finally really we need to be responsible got our actions and words and creations. To release fear and victimization thoughtforms imprinted in our energy from past incarnations to learn and grow from. We all have incarnated many many times over. The difference NOW is we are conscious of so much more. Thus we are all a work in progress and in school.

With the healing of our energies, all the life consciousness-who have been our teachers will have accomplished their purpose and Gaia shall benifit and return to her beauty.

I AM a work in progress lol Posting and the navigating on WordPress is a technical challenge i never expected to go thru lol. So please forgive my blunders and typos as i figure what goes where, As a sign of these transformative times, we begin to realize to seek out inner knowledge. So the perception of counsel changes to guidance services and healings. As what we seek is within us no one can do it for you. no instant enlightment–back to the earthschool idea. So i added a service page with this in mind for those who are ready. The name allayah bestowed on me–means one who shines the light on the paths of others. I am merely one who listens offers intuitive insights and helps you to discover all that you are. i am a mirror that reflects the inner you for you to seehttps://healing-for-humanity.com/guidance/services-2/

Blessing on your soul seeking journey. Be the lights. we so need your lights now to help other. allaya


In this journey of healing oneself and the collective humanity. We have come to an awareness, that all we draw to us, whether it be people or events is showing us something. A challenge, a lesson. It has been said that Gaia is a school of learning. A necessary part of our soul journey. For the most part we wish to ignore alot around us. But with open minds we begin to see what attitudes etc that we attract to us, there is a growth lesson being shown. Many people are mirrors of ourselves. Reflecting things need to be seen and addressed

An interesting awareness is that people as reflections can show us qualities of understanding and compassion that we may need for soul growth in our soul journey and also past lives knowledge and aspects reappear in our awareness so as to add to our inner knowing and wholeness.

Become aware of all the synchrony that comes your way and the souls who cross your path that help trigger awareness. Enjoy the soul journey of enlightenment you are on


Your Choice

to consciously exist on this plant at this time of evolution, you have the power to transform both yourself and all around you.  what a gift to humanity and all life forms you are when you accept this perception.  Even if you chose to incarnate in a challenging or restrictive environment and feel you have no choices, realize that is just the old thoughts of others, which you choose to take as your own. again recognize the word choose.  this is your soul given right no matter where you are and learning in your experiences.  you choose to exit, to breathe, you choose everything in your personal experience.  so if you do not like it, choose to experience it differently.  this is the first step of recognizing self and how you affect all matter..  if an outside influence tells you you must hate, but your heart consciousness feels different.  you have the choice to choose what you wish to feel and experience.  Feel and experience with your heart and you will see all life differently.  Choose what you wish to experience.  this first step opens a whole new journey of experience for you and reflects on how you act toward all life.  this ripple of light and love you share with collective life– effects and is magnified when others join in the heart opening action.  Be the change-the change starts with you within.  That is your legacy gifted to the planet

Second Chance

This is a beautiful statement from an authentic and beautiful soul, She saw the chaos in the world during her life and her inner knowing expressed the need to center and balance one self in this life. Life is full of personal and collective experiences, some good and some more challenging. All for growth for All life. Sometimes we need to experience the worst to understand what other life goes thru and then consciously aware create the changes needed. It does not happen overnite sadly as we have not learned as shown thru the history of the planet. We still play at the life game of victimization and blame. Not seeing our own accountability in these experiences. We forget we either create or feed into the energy of what we see before us. So let us be wise and realistic and watch the powerful energy of our words and thoughts . Therefore do not present the energy of victimization by blaming yourself or others for what you experience but decide NOW that you understand the experience and emotional charge behind the scenario. How or what can you do to create a balance and generate a movement that would be benificial to ALL life forms on this planet including Gaia herself. This i believe is the momentum we are approaching.

In another article- I presented the thought. If in this incarnation you were given the a second chance to get it right and not have to repeat these lessons. Would you take the opportunity and step forth. Think on this. The choice is yours alone…. Allaya

The Gift of Faith

WE live in uncertain times

“yet, I always had FAITH

FAITH let my heart light the path when all I saw was darkened
FAITH gave me hope in a future I could not see
FAITH always conquered all my fears” unknown

When we see the word Faith, it is usually associated with a religious practice or dogma. But it is in essence a spiritual flame within the heart chakra that is available to All life if you choose to allow it to light your Soul”s journey. It is a facet of Hope and Love and Light that burns brightly within ALL unless we diminish it with the energy of self-created fears. We have the choice to close the door to fear and allow the trinity of Faith Hope and Love to Blaze thru our Being. This is our personal spiritual light in which we radiate unencumbered or diminished by Fears.

My faith has been severely tested this year especially on a personal level, But then a spark of Hope will light up and the trinity of heart light once again burns brightly.

I sense, as both of a collective of life and personal spirit we need to go thru these cycles of darkness to light. The lesson of growth is to see more clearly as the densities of fear and darkness reveal themselves and the Light begins to shine thru the darkness and we see more clearly. This is where the gift of Faith comes into Life. That thru the darkness we perceive the spark of hope lights within our hearts and Faith is rekindled and adds to that flame to light our way.

No matter what challenges you encounter in your soul journey, remember you have the gift of faith within you. Open the door to this flame and it will show you the way thru the Darkness….Allaya

Prayer of Saint Francis for Animals

Prayer of Saint Francis for Animals
God Our Heavenly Father,
You created the world
to serve humanity’s needs
and to lead them to You.
By our own fault
we have lost the beautiful relationship
which we once had with all your creation.
Help us to see
that by restoring our relationship with You
we will also restore it
with all Your creation.
Give us the grace
to see all animals as gifts from You
and to treat them with respect
for they are Your creation.

We pray for all animals
who are suffering as a result of our neglect.
May the order You originally established
be once again restored to the whole world
through the intercession of the Glorious Virgin Mary,
the prayers of Saint Francis

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