Second Chance

This is a beautiful statement from an authentic and beautiful soul, She saw the chaos in the world during her life and her inner knowing expressed the need to center and balance one self in this life. Life is full of personal and collective experiences, some good and some more challenging. All for growth for All life. Sometimes we need to experience the worst to understand what other life goes thru and then consciously aware create the changes needed. It does not happen overnite sadly as we have not learned as shown thru the history of the planet. We still play at the life game of victimization and blame. Not seeing our own accountability in these experiences. We forget we either create or feed into the energy of what we see before us. So let us be wise and realistic and watch the powerful energy of our words and thoughts . Therefore do not present the energy of victimization by blaming yourself or others for what you experience but decide NOW that you understand the experience and emotional charge behind the scenario. How or what can you do to create a balance and generate a movement that would be benificial to ALL life forms on this planet including Gaia herself. This i believe is the momentum we are approaching.

In another article- I presented the thought. If in this incarnation you were given the a second chance to get it right and not have to repeat these lessons. Would you take the opportunity and step forth. Think on this. The choice is yours alone…. Allaya

Published by Whiterose

Crystal Skulls Oracle, Light Speaker, Performer, Author, and Conference Presenter Linda Frisch, a.k.a. Grandmother Allayah, is a clairvoyant and star-seed facilitator who works with and care-takes many ancient energy relics reclaimed for the ascension process. Drawing upon her expertise with jade, quartz crystal, and bronze artifacts, Allayah’s spiritual work incorporates these ancient energy relics, including the use of several powerful wisdom-infused crystal skulls. After disguising her innate psychic abilities for many years in order to “fit in”, a near-death experience propelled Allayah to awakening her full powers. Seeing in multi-dimensions and using her talents as a clairvoyant, Allayah helps listeners to explore soul journeys and past life regressions, while facilitating self-growth and healing. As a retired nurse and intuitive, Allayah follows integrated medicine, combining with allopathic medicine, and supported by natural pure grade essential-oil healing , herbs, and mineral supplements. Her over-riding healing philosophy is: “In order to heal, one must be aware of the core/spiritual issue creating the disharmony imbalance of the physical and emotional states.” Allayah Frisch possesses further healing expertise, with training (often to the “Master and/or Teacher Level”) in various types of Reiki (Usui Traditional, Karuna, Scheim, Ma’heo’o, Ascension, Soul Star, Tara, Dragon), as well as in Jinlap Maitri Tibetan Healing, Shamballa Multidimensional Healing, Starfire Healing modality (animal healing),

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