I truly love this movie. It is both a trigger and a sign indicative of what we are cocreating with our open hearts and minds. It seems we need to get thru this last cycle of densities and drama. Thee challenges have alerted us to what we have either seeed in thru emotional energy and fears or simply thru the manifestations created by our thoughts and words. A earthschool. Have we graduated? Not yet, but getting there. Have faith and trust. It will happen because people of all genders, races, religions etc etc. are responding to their open hearts and innerwisdom. The realization that we can changes what we see around us- thru inner knowledge and wise use of energy( specifically from the heart). We finally really we need to be responsible got our actions and words and creations. To release fear and victimization thoughtforms imprinted in our energy from past incarnations to learn and grow from. We all have incarnated many many times over. The difference NOW is we are conscious of so much more. Thus we are all a work in progress and in school.

With the healing of our energies, all the life consciousness-who have been our teachers will have accomplished their purpose and Gaia shall benifit and return to her beauty.

I AM a work in progress lol Posting and the navigating on WordPress is a technical challenge i never expected to go thru lol. So please forgive my blunders and typos as i figure what goes where, As a sign of these transformative times, we begin to realize to seek out inner knowledge. So the perception of counsel changes to guidance services and healings. As what we seek is within us no one can do it for you. no instant enlightment–back to the earthschool idea. So i added a service page with this in mind for those who are ready. The name allayah bestowed on me–means one who shines the light on the paths of others. I am merely one who listens offers intuitive insights and helps you to discover all that you are. i am a mirror that reflects the inner you for you to see

Blessing on your soul seeking journey. Be the lights. we so need your lights now to help other. allaya

Published by Whiterose

Crystal Skulls Oracle, Light Speaker, Performer, Author, and Conference Presenter Linda Frisch, a.k.a. Grandmother Allayah, is a clairvoyant and star-seed facilitator who works with and care-takes many ancient energy relics reclaimed for the ascension process. Drawing upon her expertise with jade, quartz crystal, and bronze artifacts, Allayah’s spiritual work incorporates these ancient energy relics, including the use of several powerful wisdom-infused crystal skulls. After disguising her innate psychic abilities for many years in order to “fit in”, a near-death experience propelled Allayah to awakening her full powers. Seeing in multi-dimensions and using her talents as a clairvoyant, Allayah helps listeners to explore soul journeys and past life regressions, while facilitating self-growth and healing. As a retired nurse and intuitive, Allayah follows integrated medicine, combining with allopathic medicine, and supported by natural pure grade essential-oil healing , herbs, and mineral supplements. Her over-riding healing philosophy is: “In order to heal, one must be aware of the core/spiritual issue creating the disharmony imbalance of the physical and emotional states.” Allayah Frisch possesses further healing expertise, with training (often to the “Master and/or Teacher Level”) in various types of Reiki (Usui Traditional, Karuna, Scheim, Ma’heo’o, Ascension, Soul Star, Tara, Dragon), as well as in Jinlap Maitri Tibetan Healing, Shamballa Multidimensional Healing, Starfire Healing modality (animal healing),

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