Heart Space

Aligning with your Sacred Heart space:Place both hands flat on your chest. Feel the warmth and pressure of your hands on your chest and bring your conscious awareness there. Take a conscious breath and let it go into the space you are holding your hands to. Through your conscious breath you can allow yourself toContinue reading “Heart Space”

Timelines Switching : Total ReWiring ~ December 11, 2020 — Rose Rambles…

Energies of The Rebirthing Gateway of December 12-21 / Goddess Isis Gateway are already upon us as we interface with the Zero Point SHAPE SHIFTING Energies of the Great Central Sun . This might be experienced as a complete disintegrated of your being…like each atom of your being is pulled apart, cleansed ,cleared, purged of […]Continue reading “Timelines Switching : Total ReWiring ~ December 11, 2020 — Rose Rambles…”


This is an inspired channel thru one of my Himalayan crystal skull of antiquity from a few years back. I share this as a reminder of your soul purpose in this life. To remember your light and purpose during these challenging times. crystal skulls are forms of solid light energy thru which positive oracle insightsContinue reading “Melchezideck”

You are the doves

looking at the larger picture unfolding. yesterday I saw a vision of a multiple groupings coming out of the darkness into the light. the message I was given the doves of peace are those holding space and with renewed faith seeing thru the densities and moving fwd more light is radiated to those who mayContinue reading “You are the doves”

One heart Message

We are one heart message: Mother of All, where are you ?, We cry.Mother: Children of my heart i hear you.Children oh my heart i see and feel you.I stand before you with open arms to embrace but but you do not see or feel me.. You have closed your hearts thru your perceived fearsContinue reading “One heart Message”


Today as i pondered the energies of confusion right now. I was guided to pick a card to focus. This is from the deck called Oracle of the 7 energies. Spiritual inspired decks are one type of tool to help us find guidance in this chaotic world. There is alot of information to discern from,Continue reading “Support”


Yesterday, i had the chance to speak in depth to a very intuitive and inspired young woman/old soul about some changes to be made in the direction of my path and where i wish to focus on. She will be helping me with technology and editing. So Changes are in progress in this form ofContinue reading “Vision”


In a previous blog, I explored how the energy of your words and thoughts are the basis of The law of attraction. How many times have you heard- BE care of what you wish for- or What you think you create. The lessons have always been there but we do not bring them into awareness.Continue reading “WHAT IF???”


Where you end up isn’t the most important thing. It’s the road you take to get there. The road you take is what you’ll look back on and call your life. – Tim Wiley We are the changemakers. Together we can do this. Nothing is impossible….allaya


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