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Heart Space

Aligning with your Sacred Heart space:Place both hands flat on your chest. Feel the warmth and pressure of your hands on your chest and bring your conscious awareness there. Take a conscious breath and let it go into the space you are holding your hands to. Through your conscious breath you can allow yourself toContinue reading “Heart Space”

Timelines Switching : Total ReWiring ~ December 11, 2020 — Rose Rambles…

Energies of The Rebirthing Gateway of December 12-21 / Goddess Isis Gateway are already upon us as we interface with the Zero Point SHAPE SHIFTING Energies of the Great Central Sun . This might be experienced as a complete disintegrated of your being…like each atom of your being is pulled apart, cleansed ,cleared, purged of […]Continue reading “Timelines Switching : Total ReWiring ~ December 11, 2020 — Rose Rambles…”

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