When i was guided to create this page it intention for support. As i decided to offer sessions, i realized it might be helpful to share my journey of experiences and the why i can empathize with you by my growth experiences. We each have our soul journey and we gather together as a community to help one another. My basic experiences I am a retired hospice nurse Energy healer-reiki master and knowledgeable in plant based healing like essential oils I am a clairvoyant-incarnated awake, I have worked in past with families in grief counseling because of mediumistic abilities I have aided in helping with murder cases with families and authorities supportive live talks videos on FB humanityhealing 2015 -2017Edit radio show on OM times mediaCircle of HeartsJoin Allayah Frisch, a veteran radio host, author, and conference speaker, in her safe sanctuary on the airwaves…this is just a brief list in a long journey Many who have encountered my journey know parts as i have been reluctant to share as i always felt, my soul purpose was to support others. During a hiatus after my work with FB healing humanity Live talks–see from 2017, i needed to face my life and see where i was headed, if at all anywhere.I went back as far as my birth and early child hood stories told and memories that showed me i always was connected to the mothers energies, even as a young child. when i was born, i was extremely ill and my parents were told i would not make it. they took me out of the hospital–this was back in 1949- and taken to the greek byzantine church they went too. so i would be baptized and could enter heaven if i passed. so clothed in a long family handed down baptismal gown, the priest decided to offer me up to healing. he held me as he walked around the alter praying for healing intervention and then was placed at the feet of the mother as he prayed again. My parents took me back to the hospital, and truly miraculous, the drs found my health issue and i thrived. I was brought back home and grew into a child who could see multidimensionally and was drawn to broken animals and plants and insects, as i felt i could heal them. My parents did not appreciate my efforts and somehow all my so-called patients disappeared lol.. i was what we would call now one of the first crystal beings /children incarnated during a time–my family did not appreciate my weirdness as i would see and talk to energies beings they could not see. i was so empathic i was constantly in tears and i saw people who crossed the veil naturally. something my family did not handle well along with my clear sight. i was told to be quiet as i was definetly not fitting in and was told i would be taken away if i did not. I experienced alot of physical and sexual abuse at different points of my life- so this allows me to understand what others go thru emotionally. I shut down many times and went thru cycles of shutting down to reopening. as a young child i was shown by my unseen beings i called them, many past lives in many cultures. some i was to young in earth terms to truly understand. i was deeply religious and i remembered lives as nuns, missionaries and leper communities. i have emotional recalled memories involved with the healing waters and energies of Lourdes and Fatima. every time when deeply distressed i would see and feel visions of the mother who would comfort me. In church, i would see energy around the divine mother statues and saw her tears manifest in an amazing time. each time i was in despair in this life she appeared. I never told anyone because i feared being shunned again. After my last health experience- a massive brain tumor- which again i was not expected to live- she appeared again and i was told i would be ok. i went thru what is known as a NDE experience where i was told not time and came back. This time more full connected to her energy. MY form was terribly battered, nerves damage destroyed much on my left side. to see me 20 years ago, you would not recognize me–i have healed considerably-i had to relearn everything like a newborn only at age 50. i recalled info on working with plant-based medicines and the journey began in ernest.. i still am visually impaired on the left side and deaf and at times it is very difficult to even speak. But all this has shown me a great deal about healing from the so-called impossible. So many things to share to help you understand your own journeys. i do not share this to make me appear special. i am NOT comfortable in the public, but i do share for you to recognize the mother’s energies that surround and protect you that you do not feel when feeling lost or alone. this is my hearts service. why at age 71, well i felt time not to leave but to acknowledge the return to mothers heart- so other if so-called may feel her support as she is there for all. this is not a religious page of sorts.. the divine mother is part of many religions under many times and names.. that is why I call her divine mother of the world and the rose a physical symbol of her hearts energy. No special groups, etc. she belongs to all, including mother earth. So this is our focus. her help in everyday challenges. what you may see in me is just a mirror of your own journey. We all have faced trials, losses challenges, but makes her presence felt if you just open your hearts to her, in her many forms. I wanted to get this out of the way as again, it is not about my journey but how we can help one another much love allaya

Service A

Soul Journey Mentoring

concentrating on your questions  to facilitate your soul path with clarity Prepaid    FB video chat appt  messenger allayah frisch  friend me prior to appt  or Skype
these sessions are custom tailored to your needs initial session is 125 dollars USD for 90 minutes  Follow up only rates as desired  rate is  $65 USD for one hr and $35 USD for 30 minutes


session based on your questions and intuitive guidance to facilitate your soul purpose with your inner knowledge

125.00 $

Service B

Your true essence counsel

This is a prepaid video one to one session lasting two hours. We can connect on face book messenger video or skype Contact me for further info.

This is an indepth session, we approach by questions you may have concerning your soul plan and contacts for growth experiences. Viewing obstacles in past incarnations that may have challenged your growth and understand on all levels in the Now. We view if your starseed expression are helping you integrate your unique potentials in this life. If you wish to step into your full light and purpose this guidance will aide you in your seeking

True Essence

In depth 2 hr prepaid session guidince you to awareness and empowerment

222.00 $

Service C

Challenges (email readings)

During stressful times in one’s life. Extra spiritual counsel is needed to help you thru these challenges. As a visionary, I offer to help you see clarity on these challenges. To help you become empowered in ways you feel needed
prepaid email reading 3 questions $95. 2 email questions $65 usd one prepaid email $35.00usd

Please send written questions with payment thank you or contact me

email reading challenges

prepaid email reading 3 questions $95. OR 2 email questions $65 usd OR one prepaid email $35.00usd Please send written questions with payment thank you or contact me reikihealer53@

35.00 $

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